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12 Best Bar Cart Ideas – How To Make Diy Custom Bar Cart

Bar carts will be the new dark. Well, so far as home decor should go. Everyone is merely dying to get their practical one. Focus on put one on the cabinets and it appeared to go away in the blink of an eyeball. Then within weekly it was around Pinterest being all rare metal and girly.

Club carts aren’t a fresh thing of course. These were a fixture in a whole lot of American homes through the mid 20th hundred years. Your grandparents probably acquired one, Mad Men style.

My husbands great grandparents acquired one nonetheless they called it a “tea cart”. Sure thing Granny. In the past due 1960’s, new homes were being made with built-in dry pubs or wet pubs so there is no longer an enormous demand for club carts.

My grandparents got a built-in damp pub so we played out a great deal of “bartender” within my adolescence. Explains a great deal…

The club cart is again and, like the majority of people, I’m adoring it. Search Pinterest and you will find a large number of images of adorable styled pub carts, many of them gold with red accents, kind of girly. EASILY resided in a bachelorette pad, you guess your ass I’d have a platinum and girly pub create, but I don’t.

My hubby would rotate it right out leading door if he emerged home compared to that. So, here are some of the best club cart styles that can work in every day homes. A few of them aren’t actually club carts, the type with rims, but pub “areas” beyond the kitchen.

bar cart ideas

I really like the elegance of the pub set-up. It’s white so that it blends effectively with the natural colored wall space and carpet and the platinum mugs and cocktail shaker put in a nice pop however, not too much. I eventually have that same cocktail shaker

bar cart decorating ideas

This mid-century style drink area is excellent. It mixes in properly with all of those other area if you removed the decanters and spectacles, nobody would suppose they were ever before there or that there is booze in the wall membrane mounted cabinet.

small bar cart ideas

Ridiculous sweet, right? I really like when people use professional style items in their house. Maybe because my parents house possessed a full time income room wall protected totally in corrugated steel whenever i was growing up. I simply have a fondness for steel used in different ways, in particular when it’s coated a smart color.

home bar cart ideas

Here’s another the one which isn’t actually a pub cart. I’ve always experienced dedication issues when adding things together with my sideboard. I really like this because almost all of the cocktail eyeglasses are covered inside, departing a whole lot of room up top to remain clutter free.

cheap bar cart ideas

I pinned this about permanently ago but still haven’t received around to rendering it. Just a holder on the stand. You could move this around whenever your grandparents visit merely to confuse them. But you may be a jerk….

bar cart design ideas

The very best part in regards to a pub cart (with tires) is the fact you may take it anywhere to you. The dining area, the toilet, the back garden…perfect entertaining part.

Diy bar cart ideas

Club carts are decidedly cool, and a essential furniture piece atlanta divorce attorneys home. They look very classy and offer a screen for your assortment of fine spirits that arbitrary people have still left at your house.

Plus, they’re mobile, so you might literally tow someone to a party, in doing so causing you to the coolest person as of this hypothetical shindig. Alas, they’re usually very costly… unless you opt to build one yourself.

It had taken me 1 hour and about $180 to get this to industrial-style cart from materials I found in the home Depot. It’s nice, right? I want to demonstrate how it’s done.

diy bar cart ideas


  • Wood
  • Drill
  • 72 screws (I used 1” drywall screws)
  • (18) ½” flanges
  • (4) 1½” wheels (casters)
  • (4) 12” steel tubes
  • (4) 8” steel tubes
  • (2) ½” steel elbows
  •  (2) 2” steel nipples
  •  (1) 4” steel nipple

bar cart styling ideas

Step 1: Drill in the flanges

You’ll want to get started on with underneath shelf first. Get your four tires, and symbol with a sharpie where they will be heading (but don’t drill — just symbol). Then pick up your flanges and align them — one in each place.

Make certain the slots in the flange do not match with the slots you’ve designated for the tires. That is very important, because you do not want the screws you’re drilling in to the flange going to the screws for the tires on the other hand, if not they’ll meet and split the lumber. Once your flanges are set up, get your screws and drill.

diy bar cart ideas picture

Step 2: Screw in the pipes

With flanges anchored and self confidence levels getting 1980’s Schwarzenegger, screw your 12″ pipes in to the flanges, then affix four more flanges (ugly) to the other end of the tube. No dependence on a wrench, hands tightening up will be a-ok.

Then turn over onto the next table (your middle shelf) and drill down those flanges.

diy bar cart ideas images

Step 3: Secure flanges on top of the middle board

After the 12″ pipes are screwed in and flanges fastened, you will want to turn the cart right area up and secure flanges to the most notable of the center shelf. (Bear in mind! Make certain the slots don’t align with the methods you merely drilled in on underneath.) Once you’re assured you will not screw up your screwing, drill baby, drill.

diy bar style cart ideas

Step 4: Attach the 10″ tubes and the top board

After your middle plank is mounted on the bottom plank and everything the flanges are set up and properly fastened, screw in your 10″ pipes, attach the very best flanges, and put at the top plank — ostensibly following a same guidelines as third step.

how to make bar cart ideas

Step 5: Make sure your cart looks something like this

It can? Congrats! You’re performing a congrats and the most severe is over.

It generally does not? Oh man. Well. I’m sure you’re proficient at other activities, like chess or sudoku!

diy bar cart ideas on pinterest

Step 6: Install the casters, aka wheels

Because without rims a pub cart is merely a shelf, you will want to chuck some casters on the website. I gone with the 1 1/2 ” ones (these were the least expensive), but it surely doesn’t subject what size you select. And because you’re extremely astute and smart, you lined these up and designated them recently. Hey, you’re almost done!

diy bar cart ideas

Step 7: Drill in the handle

First, put together the deal with by screwing in your material nipples (lol) to the elbows and flanges, then stick it wherever the hell you want to buy on the cart and lock it along with some screws. I find the end of the pub cart because I’m a logical and logical one who appreciates form and operation. Nevertheless, you do you.

bar cart ideas diy

Step 8: Load it up with booze, throw a bangin’ party

Be ready for all your friends to ask you “do you want to build one for me personally?!” Once I completed this cart, I acquired at least seven demands from people in my own office, three which were from the same person spaced out over 30 minute intervals. It had been great to obtain strangers admiring the ultimate product, but it was better still to stock it and rotate it around making beverages.

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