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    61 Amazing Above Ground Pool Ideas with Decks


    Above Ground Pool Ideas – There are numerous situations where an inground pool just isn’t possible in a space; poor soil, high water desk or simply building and zoning restrictions can put a stop to such plans.

    Yet , if you have been put off the thought of above ground pools as substitute because you think they are unsightly – think again.

    With careful design planning above ground regularly with decks are more than a viable option. They can be a truly beautiful conjunction with your outdoor space.

    They will are also far more cost effective than building an above ground pool.

    In the following paragraphs we will dive profound (forgive the pun) in to the great things about building above earth swimming pools. We will look at what you need to consider before taking the steps required, and the realities of putting in the decking.

    Nevertheless , before we delve into all the technicalities; discussing whet your appetite with some ideas how beautiful your above ground going swimming pool with deck could look.

    Your family and friends are likely to love you after installing one of these.

    Above Ground Pool with Decks Ideas

    above ground pool deck ideas

    Here we certainly have a very sleek design above ground pool. The wooden decking surrounds the complete pool area, with enough space for loungers too. Note the very fact the vegetation in the most notable right of the image. It will help create the ullsion all of those other garden is of the same level as the decking.

    The varying height of the design is also along with the fence and raised steps and platform to the best still left. A wonderful use of space and design.

    above ground pool ideas

    above ground pool deck ideas cool

    This above ground damages has wooden decking that surrounds the complete structure. The easy touch of using bamboo bedding and sheets style railings helps make the construction fit with lush surroundings. (Note the green foliage in the background – this pool is in a warm location).

    This is an important issue to consider setting up up a pool. Intended for it to essentially work, the design has to supplement the landscape of your space as much as possible.

    And if you wish to install a pool glide, you need to ensure there may be enough deck space offered to accomodate the support structures.

    above ground pool landscaping ideas

    above ground pool landscaping ideas

    This kind of wooden deck construction features a more simple and practical design. The slat wooden slides allow for access to the operation of the pool, as the fully enclosed fencing ensures everyone is safe, (you actually would ever guess a family with children owning this type of pool).

    The roofed area to the trunk area of the pool is a nice addition too. Seating or even a BBQ could visit here.

    above ground pool fence ideas

    above ground pool landscaping ideas images

    This raised above earth pool build actually appears as if it moves from the first floor of the house. The wide decking area allows for entertaining and fun, (including a roofed area) with safety fencing too. Excellent for the family home.

    pool deck ideas for above ground pools

    amazing above ground pool landscaping ideas

    This above ground swimming pool uses a beautiful glass border that looks extremely stylish. The small decking to the rear acts as a tiny entertaining area and access to the pool.

    The lovely view from the slumber of the garden looking back to the pool is actually interesting as you can see what is going on under the water. Sleek and modern day in equal procedures.

    above ground pool decks ideas

    cool above ground pool landscaping ideas

    This solid looking design, takes the abruptness of condition that some above ground swimming swimming pools can have in their surroundings by utilising vast steps up to the top level.

    The slim teak style decking is very attractive too.

    above ground pool pad ideas

    above ground pool landscaping ideas pinterest

    Here we have a budget, no nonsense method to pool decking. The steps and platform provide an access to the pool, with adequate room for a seating area too. The rest of the pool sidewalls are still left exposed.

    This might be the most cost effective approach to take.

    modern above ground pool ideas

    above ground pool landscaping ideas picture

    Another modern-day design with this pool. The african american almost breeze block development is offset with both wood panelling on the rear wall and then ground level decking.

    Towards the right of the image you can view a pool level platform with loungers for relaxing between stints in the pool.

    above ground pool ideas for small yards

    above ground pool landscaping ideas beautifull

    An additional beautifully designed pool. This kind of time the decking is all around only two sides of the pool. However, the design allows for an extremely interesting infinity-pool type point of view over the sides without decking.

    above ground pool deck ideas pictures

     above ground pool fence ideas

    This above ground swimming pool actually forgoes raised decking. Rather, only one group of steps allow for entry in to the pool, with the decking area spread out at walk out. This structure also accommodate a hot tub in the bottom right side of the.

    This kind of demonstrates that you do not also have to build raised decking for the overall effect to look wonderful.

    above ground pool decorating ideas

    pool deck ideas for above ground pools

    Quality grey natural stone slate and brick work is utilized here. The overall effect is a pool construction that looks as if it is often in place for decades. An almost timeless design.

    The water fall edge is a great way of beautifying the hard exposed edge of the pool. Designs similar to this make you realise just how beautiful above surface pools can be within their landscape.

    above ground pool lighting ideas

     above ground pool decks ideas

    This kind of is another pool that does not use raised decking. Yet , the solid stone are around ensures that the structure sits comfortably within the garden without looking like out of place.

    above ground pool fencing ideas

    above ground pool pad ideas

    Here the raised pool fits seamlessly with the rest of the house. It actually looks like portion of the overall construction somewhat than an addition.

    above ground pool ideas for small yards

    This sleek construction has an infinity edge on the rear wall. The builders have utilised the landscape to great impact, (clearly the land drops sharply to the water below, making an above ground pool an affordable option in this circumstance.

    The stone work provides quality and adds to the overall impact of the design greatly. Who also wouldn’t want a pool such as this at the conclusion of the garden?

    above ground pool deck ideas pictures

    This pool benefits from the care the owners have taken to build the environment to the structure. The stone wall membrane, plant beds and real wood decking to the back of the damages all help to ensure that the finish is satisfying on the eye.

    The fact the exposed wall space of the pool are fitted with wooden slats also add to the overall aesthetic.

    above ground pool landscape ideas

    Right here no decking has recently been used. Stone steps business lead to up to and including single entry to the pool. The walls of the framework use wood panelling. A stone border with a well kept lawn helps to keep everything simple yet attractive.

    above ground swimming pool ideas

    above ground pool ideas backyard

    A very postmodern approach used here. The sleek glass used on two sides of the pool set against the tiled and wood work of the rear surfaces is interesting.

    Grey stonework can be used in place of decking and also provides steps up to the waters edge. Simply beautiful.

    above ground pool ideas landscaping

    The position with this pool within the area really work. With the exposed edge running along with the perimeter of the garden compensates the simple fact this is an above surface pool.

    The decking then dominates the rest of the yard, in influence making the whole garden pool and poolside area. Best if you have a limited area with which to learn with.

    above ground pool decorating ideas

    Plainly a design such as this is beyond most mere mortals however, it does demonstrate how superior an above ground pool can look. The dark edge with the normal water filled to the top gives the impression of glass.

    The pale rock work decking compliments the color scheme to great effect. A choice design for the nature of this garden being on a lower ground level to the house above.

    above ground pool landscaping ideas on a budget

    above ground pool lighting ideas

    A tiny above surface pool solution here. Once again with the pool being tucked facing a fencing and an acceptable deck and steps construction, the overall spacial footprint of the pool is minimised.

    pool decks ideas above ground

    It is actually difficult to determine whether this is an above earth pool or inground. That would rely upon the entire interesting depth.

    However, as we can easily see, the several layers of your garden accommodate the pool perfectly here. From the lower grass area to the mid level wood deck, and then a stone and tiled engaging section built to the same level of the pool. A very stylish design indeed.

    deck ideas for above ground swimming pool

    pool deck ideas above ground

    This kind of above ground pool shows that you do not desire a lot of space to obtain one installed. The thin rectangular condition matches up against the perimeter fence and the medial side of the house.

    Small and compact, the look is extremely effective, even enabling a fun hot tub area at one end of the pool.

    above ground pool fencing ideas

    This pool uses the gradient of the landscape with great effect. It is above ground construction built into the side of the sloping garden. With the foundation of trees and an extensive wood surround this really is a wonderful construction. Incredibly well designed while being sympathetic to its environment.

    above ground pool patio ideas

    This design uses a huge wood deck area that one assumes adjoins the back of the house. Because of this the decking serves as a main patio area of the home too.

    above ground pool winter cover ideas

    Glass and natural stone are being used to great impact here. The wood decking is really at ground level. The pool is in fact being used as a centre point of interest, rather than being hidden in to the landscape. Wooden decking also provides the entrance-way into the pool above.

    above ground pool deck ideas on a budget

    This simple design works very well. A sizable deck area to the front of pool, and the sidewalls are hidden with the area against the perimeter wall structure. An addition of leaves and the trees breaching behind all add to the overall aesthetic.

    above ground swimming pool ideas

    Another infinity edge above ground pool. A increased stone platform will take action as the entertaining area here. A nice touch is the how the side of the pool is turned into a water feature with the pool water cascading over the edge and into a tiny strip of drinking water at ground level.

    above ground pool landscaping ideas on a budget

    The owner has made no make an attempt to hide the construction into the environment with this above floor pool. Built in the middle of a story of land, the pool and wood decking is there for a lot of to see.

    deck ideas for above ground swimming pool

    Ornate stone work has been used on this above ground pool. Built with the bordering landscape in mind the overall effect is quite satisfying from an aesthetic point of view.

    above ground pool designs ideas

    A beautiful above ground pool that fits in the environment extremely well. I truth one would assume that the pool was built at the same time as the house the flow of the design is that good.

    above ground pool landscaping design ideas

    Total Costs

    Above ground trust can be a real benefit for those that do not have tens of thousands of us dollars to spend on a swimming pool. They are usually far more affordable than their in ground counterparts.

    With that said, as the example above illustrates, if you do wish to fork out a lot on an above ground design the done results can be just as aesthetically pleasing as an in ground pool.
    Space saving & Protection

    above ground pool deck ideas plans

    If you are limited by space, above ground swimming pools with decks are a great option. The raised pool deck is an all-natural obstacle that helps stop children and animals from finding yourself in the pool.

    The raised construction also inhibits leaves and foliage from blowing into the drinking water too.

    Furthermore, the increased deck doubles as a fantastic storage space using the space beneath. Filtration equipment can neatly fit underneath, as can all those other garden items that do not need to be exposed all the time.

    Nature of the environment
    backyard above ground pool ideas

    If your garden has a huge gradient, or perhaps the soil is not suited to an in floor pool, the above earth option will fit and install without problem.

    In ground pools also have the complication in that build has to tolerate the surrounding earth and the what can be structure spoiling moisture.

    Discover also a defieicency of the normal water table. An above surface pool means you don’t have to concern yourself with such details.
    With careful design they can look beautiful

    above ground pool with deck ideas

    As the illustrations above show, an above ground pool submerged within a well designed wood deck area can look fantastic.

    If your budget can stretch to one of the sleek looking stone and glass recurring, your above ground pool can really have the element of surprise.

    Adding contrasting wood work, vegetation and landscaping (as well as fountains and infinitude, infiniteness edges) ensure that above ground pools will consider beautiful when done right.

    above ground pool enclosure ideas

    Whatever way you approach fitting a pool in your backyard, careful planning is obviously required.

    The pool will become a focal point of your property. Whether the structure connects the pool to the back of your property via decking, the position of the pool in your yard, whether the surround is definitely the level of the pool border or the ground – most of these issues need to be considered.

    From a practical perspective you need to make the decision what materials to use. (A topic that can be heavily inspired by budget as well as overall aesthetic).

    Preceding ground pool decks exclusively can give you plenty enough to think about. Size, durability, heat and slide resistance are all factors.

    In your geographical area will determine design choices, do you need a sizable sun shade area, and do you like to entertain? Do you have children and will need comprehensive safety gateways and fencing installed. Almost all of these issues need to be considered.

    Why don’t we have a look at a few of these in greater fine detail.

    The size of the above ground pool deck

    above ground swimming pool deck ideas

    The space available for you and the function of the deck will determine the dimensions you select for.

    When you have a huge garden and prefer to entertain you will want a deck space to accommodate furniture and possible a sunshade.

    If your garden is small, you may only want steps leading up to the water’s border.


    above ground swimming pool landscape ideas

    The scale and materials of your poolside decking will have an effect on the amount of maintenance you should have to carry out.

    A robust stone surround to your above ground pool will be more expensive to build, but actually will last longer without the need of sensitive maintenance.

    An all real wood construction nevertheless , will need regular treatment to ensure moisture doesn’t commence to rot the material from inside.

    Heat Resistance

    above ground pool deck designs ideas

    With young children possibly using your pool area, you will want enough heat resistance on the decking.

    The materials you use will all have different attributes on this factor.

    Darkness bricks and Saltillo ceramic tiles can become extremely hot in direct sunlight. Teak wood on the other hand is more suited to walking around discalcedunshod.

    A well-liked option over and above the traditional wood deck is concrete or rock slabs with reflective properties. These stay cooler in sunlight. They look great too.

    Slip Resistance

    above ground pool landscape design ideas

    Slip resistance is a consideration you must have when designing your pool decking. Different materials will become dangerously slippery in wet conditions.

    Safety should be a high concern for anyone installing a children’s pool. With above ground swimming pools often needing stairs, a slippery surface can be considered a real hazard.

    Railings must be in place and it can be a good option to include slip mats in the most walked areas around the pool.

    above ground pool ideas pinterest

    As touched after above, pool decks can be made from various materials that all get their pros and cons.

    If you choose tiles, wooden, natural stone, bricks or limestone will largely deend on practicalities as well as the depth of your pocket.

    With each of these types it is best to get the highest quality materials you can buy, (as well as a recommended constructor to construct it).

    Why don’t we check out the several types of above ground pool units available.
    Wooden Decks

    above ground pool landscaping ideas free

    Wood decks are the most popular choice. In the event you have opted for an above ground pool on a tight budget, the most versatile and affordable decking to select for is the solid wood one.

    Wooden decks can be built into all manner of shapes, sizes and spaces. Wood can be used for the security railings, steps and gateways as well as the supporting structure.

    Beyond cost and practicality, a solid wood deck done properly will consider very beautiful.

    The construction meets the security standards and with regular treatment can last quite a while.

    Cedar, cypress and teak wood are the most popular options for pool decking.
    Aluminium Units

    above ground pool border ideas

    Some above ground pools will be sold with accompanying lightweight alloy decking. Whether this is a tiny stairway and program or full surround will rely upon the product.

    The good thing about aluminium decks is that they are easy to mount. They also withstand changing temperatures so are not prone to damage in the winter.

    Carpet floors is sometimes laid over the construction making for a slip-proof, more comfortable surface.
    Stone / Large rock Decks

    backyard ideas with above ground pool

    Stone and brick pool decks are the most expensive, nonetheless they are also the most durable and in many instances would be the most aesthetically satisfying.

    Smooth bricks are suggested as they are better to walk on.

    Stone slabs will last longer than bricks, (which need securing and maintaining), however they can be extremely slick in wet conditions.

    This is advisable to avoid stones in dark colors as they are the most heat absorbent.
    Concrete floor Units

    above ground pool edging ideas

    Poured or stamped concrete is another cost effective approach to creating deck space around your above ground pool.

    Cement can be painted to meet the demands of your styling. Like stone, an easy concrete finish can be slippery.
    A combo of materials

    above ground pool deck design ideas

    Incredibly often the most sensible and beautiful looking above ground pools will have decking and surrounding areas made from various materials.

    Each can be chosen to balance the overall aesthetic, as well as give the most heat and slippery proof surface.

    Whatsoever your design, careful planning will make sure you execute it in a manner that will provide waterside fun for your family for years to come.

    Pallet POOL

    Get creative details out of this DIY pallet outdoor pool tutorial that causes a rocking round pool and also includes a raised real wood deck to take pleasure from poolside resting and fun! When working with pallets, be sure you always use temperature cured NOT chemically cared for pallets. When a pallet is heating treated you will notice a stamped proclaimed HT.

    above ground swimming pool landscaping ideas

    Dumpster POOL

    Hen this New Orleans-based architect found an left behind dumpster, he didn’t cringe from the stench. Instead he noticed opportunity and hauled the rancid pot home. Now Stefan Beese has converted that grubby dumpster in to the ultimate garden retreat – a pool – that family has been heartily enjoying all summertime.

    above ground pool slide ideas

    Deep Pallet Timber Pool

    Simply using the pallets to generate the wall space of the pool, he only possessed to put some at the foundation, plus some others on the perimeter slash to size, keeping the initial condition of the pallets and repairing them perfectly together, because the weight of this inflatable water is so strong. Next the complete surface has been protected with a huge single plastic covering, to avoid any leakage of normal water.

    above ground pool landscaping ideas pictures

    Shipping Box Pool

    When you can obtain a shipping pot you may be able to accomplish one of the coolest pools I’ve seen on the internet for a long time. The only concern I forsee with this is usually that the shipping pot may rust, but corrosion can be set and painted.

    above ground pool decking ideas

    above ground pool privacy fence ideas

    Natural POOL

    Instead of being concrete and mass-manufactured tile, an all natural pool can be considered a beautiful model to any landscaping. Through the use of gravel natural stone and clay rather than concrete, and natural aquatic crops instead of tough chemicals, natural swimming pools will not only be practical and fun, but also green.

    above ground pool surround ideas

    Galvanized Stock Container Pool

    Cathy and her man required a chlorine-free pool big enough for your family to splash around in through the hot Santa Rosa summer months. Longing for something more appealing than a huge vinyl fabric tub, they finally chosen a galvanized material stock tank.


    landscaping above ground pool ideas

    Pallet Pool

    I consider myself really convenient but I don’t believe I’d be positive in tackling a DIY pool. That was until I noticed this DIY pallet pool you could easily setup in an evening. Have a look at this brilliant DIY pool and begin before summer has ended!

    above ground pool surrounds ideas

    DIY Concrete POOL

    Building your own pool is not for everybody, but it could be done, with great results. When I acquired bids around $30,000 , the decision was to build it myself, or neglect it. For about $7000, and lots of work, my boy and I built an extremely sturdy 13? x 22? x5? oval cement pool off our deck.

     landscape above ground pool ideas

    Above Earth Pool, Turned In-Ground Pool

    You could sink an above floor pool and create a sensational inground pool for hardly any cost. You are able to pick up used above ground swimming pools from craigslist for cheap.

    above ground pool deck decorating ideas

    Hay Bale POOL

    Outdoor pools are as exceptional as a heatwave in this area of the world but these three lads developed the perfect solution. Through the use of bales of hay plus some clear plastic, rope and normal water they’ve built the perfect pool for trying to cool off in the hot heating.

     backyard above ground pool deck ideas

    Raised Deck

    above ground pool base ideas

    One of the most popular ways to create an above earth pool is to create a brought up deck around it. Thus giving the appearance associated with an inground pool while adding a attractive and comforting space to take pleasure from. The options are endless when making an elevated deck to bypass your above surface pool be it rounded, oval, or rectangular.

    Multilevel Deck

    Another choice is to make a multilevel deck around your pool with different places to hold out and relax by water. Make certain at least one level gets to the lip of the pool which means you and your friends can simply drop your feet in water, or take a seat on the border with your toes totally in. The other levels should be accessible, and each have their own feel and goal, like one place for sunbathing, and another for eating. This is achieved with furniture and accessories.

    Small Partial Deck

    ideas for above ground pool decks

    Unless you have enough time, money, or even the wish to create a deck totally around your pool, consider building a tiny incomplete deck on just one single area with a staircase before it. This simple design continues to be useful and nice to check out, but will definitely cost only a small fraction of the purchase price.

    WALK OUT Deck

    Another great option is to make a deck around your pool, but rather than having it built completely up to the to rim, keep it on walk out. Be sure to put in a nice staircase or ladder up to the pool, which design can do just fine. To create it even more appealing, consider the landscaping design around it and then add potted blooms or attractive shrubs nearby.


    above ground pool privacy ideas

    If creating a deck isn’t something you should do, you may make your above earth pool still look nice. A good way to spruce up the looks of your pool is to grow a garden around it. Adding a few attractive plants round the pool is the perfect way or a person with a inexperienced thumb to include somewhat of flair.

    Rock Garden

    If crops aren’t your thing, try building a rock and roll garden around the bottom of your above floor pool. A covering of decorative rocks can make the keeping your pool look more intentional, rather than as if you just lowered a pool in to the midsection of your garden. You can even put in a few ornamental garden parts like statues, parrot baths, or solar equipment and lighting.

    Wood Panels

    above ground pool and deck ideas

    Finally, this common idea is a superb way to pay the attributes of your above floor pool. All you need to do is set up wood sections around it, and it’ll look fantastic all alone. Timber paneling might point out to you of your parents’ cellar growing up, but if you match the colour to your yard’s deck or fence, it will not have that familiar classic feel (if you don’t want to buy to).


    A terrific way to disguise the monotonous look of above surface pool wall surfaces is to protect them with faux rock or bricks. Using faux natural stone or brickwork built around your pool really helps to seamlessly combine it in to the natural space of your lawn with today’s, luxurious look.

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